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Welcome to the Last Light: Beyond the Reckoning home page. Last Light is a dark fantasy roleplay server on Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition influenced and inspired by Dark Souls, World of Darkness, Penny Dreadfuls, Lovecraftian themes, and more. Consider the time period of the Last Light setting as an 'Alternate-Reality' mid-to-late Gothic-Rennaissance, just beginning to touch on Neo-Victorian decorum. We encourage you to join our community and help create and progress a world of conflict, secrecy, mystery, intrigue and horror. Here at Last Light, your character(s) will experience terrible horrors, wade in the supernatural, and bear witness to the most macabre of sights. Here, life and death are little more than a state of being; where on most servers, death means the end, here at Last Light death is merely a continuation or in some cases, a beginning.

Explore the continents of Kalendros and Elaria with us and discover unknown islands and mountains and forests alongside us as we experience an iconic fantasy setting with dread-based horrors, that heavy feeling of inevitability. Meet the inhabitants of this strange, beautiful and dark world. Watch the rise and fall of powerful empires; come dabble in mysterious, duplicitous intrigue and conflict...

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An Introduction to the Setting

Overview: Last Light: Beyond the Reckoning takes place in a tumultuous time that takes after our real world Enlightenment period, otherwise known as the Renaissance. It also takes from some Neo-Victorian influences, which means leading up to the Victorian era. Because of the time period that Last Light is framed around, it is possible to see a range of different concepts, especially since this is a fantasy, but we like to stay true to that "classic adventure game" feel that everyone knows and loves about Neverwinter Nights.

Setting Genre: Dark Fantasy
Time Period Thematic: "Alternate-reality" mid-to-late Gothic-Renaissance. Starting to touch on Neo-Victorian decorum.
Elements: Conflict, Secrecy, Mystery, Intrigue, Horror, The Supernatural, The Macabre, Death & Life as a state of being, Strange and Unknown Magic, Religious Warfare

Setting Influences: Dark Souls ("Souls-like"), Lovecraftian, World of Darkness, Penny Dreadfuls
Atmosphere: Iconic fantasy with dread-based horrors, a sense of inevitability, things long lost but now found, the end of an era and beginning of a new one, rise of powerful empires, mysterious, intrigue-oriented conflict.

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Enter, the Staff and Developers

Here at Last Light, our DevTeam is constantly striving to provide a beautiful and engaging experience to every player that joins our community through the expansive and carefully planned areas your characters will wander through on the server, numerous custom scripts as well as a plethora of changes and additions to the gameplay and mechanics and a near seemless connection between our website, forums and wiki. Our goal is to give players a world that lives and breathes naturally, allowing our community to help shape and grow the world we all play in. As roleplayers ourselves, it's always a joy to tell a story with others and hope you'll join us in doing so.

Getting Started!

Woops, we're getting a bit ahead of ourselves here... The server's still in its formative stages, so there's not much 'getting started' that our players can do yet. But, if you find the mere idea of this server to be interesting, feel free to join us on our forums, peruse our wiki as we steadily fill out the baseline of our setting which will offer you a starting point for stories of your own when the server finally goes live. You can also join us on our discord by clicking connect on the widget to the right. All of these things can be reached from our homepage either in the sidebar or in the navigation if you click the button in the top right-hand corner. Of course, you can also just click the links in this paragraph.

As we get the ball rolling, all updates and changes will be posted here on the homepage either in the main content or up in our navigation (once again, top-right-hand corner). For website questions, comments, concerns, bugs, etc. join our forums and pop us a message in the bug reports board and leave us a message.

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"You are a fresh one, I see. Let me tell you something you clearly do not know. You have been seperated from the realm of the living, and now you, like many others, shall walk the lands of the dead for the rest of eternity. You, like everyone else, will just have to wait until the apocalypse comes. Then, and only then, am I taking fares to cross the river into the peace of afterlife beyond."

The Dark-Clad Figure
From 'A Passing of Life'
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