Quick Region Guide

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Quick Region Guide

Post by Vantablack » Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:38 am

This guide serves as a reference for deciding where your character may have come from in the world. It is only a loose guideline. Also, please view the World Maps. Lore is not specific in this post, you will have to read about each individual region.

[work in progress]

Tribal and Barbarian Cultures
Misty Vale & the Howling Peaks (Nordic)
Fystre Wastes (Nomadic Raiders)
The Nzraath (Nomadic Raiders)
Drakkan Peninsula & the Southern Savanna (Amazonian, Jungle tribes, Voodoo culture, slightly Haitian when you go west)

Romance-like Cultures
Eastminister and the Weeping Hell (South American influences, specifically Brazil)
Olm Peninsula (Spanish influences)

Euro-American Cultures
Solantis and the Sunrise Plains (Catholic Empire, Vatican, and Ancient Rome influences)
The Freemarch (various)

Desert Cultures
Fystre Wastes & Port Samtu (Aboriginal, Bedouin, Indian, Moroccan, and Turkish influences)
The Nzraath (African, Egyptian, Israeli, and Wasteland influences)

Asian Cultures
Kvothor (True Oriental: Japanese and Chinese influences)
Djravins Majoris (Tribal Oriental: Mongolian and Hun influences)

Seafaring Cultures
Port Luna (Tortuga influences)
Wake Island (Fishing/Islander culture)

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