Quick Origins Guide

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Quick Origins Guide

Post by Vantablack » Fri Dec 21, 2018 11:38 am

This guide serves as a reference for deciding where your character may have come from in the world. It is only a loose guideline. Also, please view the World Maps. Lore is not specific in this post, you will have to read about each individual region.

Regional Cultures

Misty Vale & The Howling Peaks
Overview: The Barbarians of the North
Real World Comparison: Norse Mythology and Culture, Ancient Scandinavia, Icelandic Legends
Inspiration: Jotun, Pinterest page, Guild Wars 2, Skyrim

The Nzraath
Overview: Desert Cultures and Wasteland Nomadicy
Real World Comparison: Ancient Egypt, Israel, Arabic, Ancient Babylon, Indian, Moroccan, and Turkish influences
Inspiration: Civilization Series, Egyptian inspiration, Arabic inspiration, Guild Wars 2, AC: Origins, AC

The Drakkan Peninsula & the Southern Savanna
Overview: Deep Dark Jungles of Madness, Coastal Villages, Savannahs in the West
Real World Comparisons: Amazonian, Aztecan, Jungle culture, Savannah culture, Voodoo culture, The Amazon Jungle, Africa, Old-style Haiti and Jamaica, Ancient Aztec, Toltec, Maya
Inspiration: Far Cry Primal, Chult, Mesoamerican tribal inspiration

Eastminister and the Weeping Hell
Overview: Trade City Capital of the World, Lots of Mosquitos, Lots of Bugs and Disease, Cesspool and Mixing Pot
Real World Comparison: South America, Brazil, Chile, Mexico.

Fystre Wastes
Overview: Mostly uninhabitable wasteland except for Port Samtu, Trade city. Limited humans.
Real World Comparison: Saharan, Aboriginal, Bedouin, Desert Tribes

The Olm Peninsula or The Olmlands
Overview: Great importance on fashion, and clothing, a very vibrant culture.
Real World Comparison: Heavily Spanish influenced, with a little dash of Italian

Solantis and the Sunrise Plains
Overview: The Soldarion religion dominates everything.
Real World Comparison: Catholic Empire, Vatican, and Ancient Rome influences

The Freemarch
Overview: Varies heavily, but it is set in a wide and open plain. Lots of settlers, travellers, farms.
Real World Comparison: Colonial American.

Overview: An oriental culture focused on beauty and efficiency.
Real World Comparison: Fuedal Japan.

Overview: An oriental culture focused on nomadicy, horseraising, mountain culture.
Real World Comparison: Mongolian, Himalayan / Hun.

Overview: A powerful empire where slavery is the baseline of expansion.
Real World Comparison: Siberian, Ancient Muscovy, "Russian Empire".

Port Luna
Overview: Island nation of "Independant Peoples" (coughpiratescough). Part of the Lantern Isles.
Real World Comparison: Not exactly real world, but Tortuga.

Wake Island
Overview: Island fishing culture, part of the Lantern Isles.
Real World Comparison: Islander cultures.


The Crystal Citadel and Crystal Forest
Overview: As you get deeper into the Crystal Forest, the trees appear more crystalline in nature. At their center is the Eldarin Citadel, which was shattered in the Crusade. It mostly lays in ruins, but the ruins have become a sort of home for the Gaeldarin (otherwise known as Wood Elves)


Overview: Great Dwarven undercity. Largest Dwarven city on Elaria.


Overview: Powerful warlord land, ruled mostly by powerful orcs and men, especially wizards.
Real World Comparison: Kind of a lot like Mordor from Lord of the Rings, except not nearly as volcanic.

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