An Introduction to the Setting

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An Introduction to the Setting

Post by Vantablack » Sat Mar 31, 2018 8:55 pm


Last Light: Beyond the Reckoning takes place in a tumultuous time that takes after our real world Enlightenment period, otherwise known as the Renaissance. It also takes from some Neo-Victorian influences, which means leading up to the Victorian era. Because of the time period that Last Light is framed around, it is possible to see a range of different concepts, especially since this is a fantasy, but we like to stay true to that "classic adventure game" feel that everyone knows and loves about Neverwinter Nights.

Setting Genre: Dark Fantasy
Setting Influences: Dark Souls ("Souls-like"), Lovecraftian, World of Darkness, Penny Dreadfuls
Time Period Thematic: "Alternate-reality" mid-to-late Gothic-Renaissance. Starting to touch on Neo-Victorian decorum.
Elements: Conflict, Secrecy, Mystery, Intrigue, Horror, The Supernatural, The Macabre, Death & Life as a state of being, Strange and Unknown Magic, Religious Warfare
Atmosphere: Iconic fantasy with dread-based horrors, a sense of inevitability, things long lost but now found, the end of an era and beginning of a new one, rise of powerful empires, mysterious, intrigue-oriented conflict.

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