Racial Appearances

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Racial Appearances

Post by Vantablack » Thu Jan 17, 2019 12:15 am

The mechanical Base Race that you pick in Character Creation is the race that you will use for the rest of the time spent playing your character. Subraces will allow you to differentiate or to be something more 'specific' or in some cases a different race entirely (as supported by mechanics). Refer to the Server Rules to understand this better.

We allow you to change the aesthetic appearance of your character to allow for more customization to a degree. Below is a quick guide on how racial appearances translate on the Body Models in game.

If you are a Human, you can use:
  • Human Appearance (Default)
  • Half-Orc Appearance (For a larger human, perhaps Mistwalker)
  • Elf Appearance (For a slender human)
  • Half-Elf Appearance (No difference)
If you are an Elf, you can use:
  • Elf Appearance (Default)
  • Human Appearance (For a broader elf)
  • Half-Elf Appearance (See above)
If you are a Dwarf, you can use:
  • Dwarf Appearance (Dwarf cannot change)
If you are a small race, you can use:
  • Gnome Appearance
  • Halfling Appearance
Base races will generally show in the player tool.

There are some hidden skill checks involved in discovering a character's race, however. Future features, such as disguises, may allow workarounds to hiding your character's true race. Please be intuitive and use common sense when observing this tool, as it is meant only to create OOC clarity and not to used for metagaming purposes or to hinder another person's roleplay.


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