How to report another player

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How to report another player

Post by Vantablack » Sun Feb 10, 2019 7:52 pm

This is a guide to assist you with reporting players. Please read it all the way through the end.

We will use the following terminology frequently:

The Staff: The Dungeon Masters and Administrators in charge of the server.
We, Our, Us: Referring to The Staff.
You, Yours, Your Own: Referring to You, the Reporter.
Them, They, Their: Referring to the Reportee.

Case-By-Case: A phrase which means that no two occurances are the same, and will not necessarily be treated in the same fashion.
Concern: Your personal reason for creating a Report.
Infraction: An Occurance which is found to be incongruent with Server Rules, the spirit of the server, or which otherwise affects the server in a negative way.
Material Evidence: UNMODIFIED screenshots and logs which are believable and which show the Occurance and Concern thereof.
Occurrence: Any event, occurance, moment in time, what-have-you that may have been Reported but which may also not be an Infraction.
Reason: The Reason for the Report to have been made about the Reportee.
Report: A submitted form which makes the Staff aware of a Concern regarding an Occurrence.
Reporter: The individual who submits a Report.
Reportee: The individual whom the Report refers to.
Review: Our collective decision-making process in regards to Concerns.
Ruling: A ruling which is made by the Staff in pertains to an issue.
Take Action Response: The response that we take to any report, rules that were broken, etc. May sometimes be referred to as a "Take Action", "Action Taken", "Action Response", or simply "Response Action".

Important Notes
Remember a few things when it comes to reports:
  1. We, The Staff, are not to discuss any Take Action Response to a Report outside of the Reportee. Once you submit the Report, it is no longer in your hands.
  2. It is only by our Ruling that an Occurrence becomes an Infraction.
  3. You, the Reporter, will NEVER decide the Take Action Response that we conduct for an Occurrence.
  4. Some Occurrences are handled on a Case-By-Case basis. This may include concerns about how the Reportee is playing a certain character or similar.
  5. When you Report an individual, you must specify a Reason for doing so. See the Report form below.
  6. All Reports MUST be given to The Staff AS A COLLECTIVE, unless specified differently by an Administrator. This means that any Report you send must be seen and reviewed by all of us.
Reporting Process
Here is how to PROPERLY submit a Report to the staff:


Report Form
For easy copypasting, just grab this and put in your PM before you fill it out.


Code: Select all

[REPORT] PlayerName

Code: Select all

[b]Reporter's Name:[/b] MyPlayerName
[b]Reporter's Character:[/b] MyCharacterName

[b]Reportee's Name:[/b] PlayerName
[b]Reportee's Character:[/b] CharacterName

[b]Occurrence Date:[/b] mm / dd / yyyy
[b]Occurrence Time:[/b] 11:28 AM (GMT-8)
[b]Occurrence Reason:[/b] OccurrenceReason - SpecificOccurrenceReason
[b]Occurrence Details:[/b] MyOccurrenceDetails

[b]Material Evidence:[/b]