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This thread will help explain Last Light's disguise system.

What is a Disguise?

A Disguise is a means for the player character to hide their identity. It is mechanically available to them, which means that it is the best possible method for concealment. Disguises are attached to a Disguise Kit item, and applied when you equip it. Please note that Disguises are NOT a means to "Play an NPC", as you are still your character, but the disguise is what your character might be masquerading as at the time.

What is a Disguise Kit?

Disguise Kit items are ALWAYS a Chest Piece. They can be acquired through a variety of means. Disguises can be either crafted, purchased from certain NPCs (many of which are hidden!), or even STOLEN in some situations. This means that Disguises are 100% situational, and they each have their own purpose.

What Happens When I'm Disguised?

When a character is disguised, the following are masked:
  • Character Name (With the name attached to the Disguise Kit)
  • Player Name (With a randomly generated psuedonym)
  • Portrait (With the portrait attached to the Disguise Kit)
  • Description (With the description attached to the Disguise Kit)

These are all Masked, NOT Replaced. This means the new identity is laid over the old one until you remove the disguise. When a disguise is removed, everything returns to normal.

The Player Name Mask completely masks the original player name. This means that sending a message to the player name "Vantablack" will no longer work, but you can send a message to my ALIAS, which for this disguise period will be "eye2413".

Like so:

Disguises are designed to be convincing. However, they are not a "one-all" solution for going undercover. Here's what it looks like:

Disguise On:

Disguise Off:

Nifty, right?

How Do Other Players Catch Me?

As far as anyone knows, once you're disguised, you've fully subsumed the identity. That means that your name, portrait, description, and player name are all masked. This can make it difficult to figure out who you are, but not impossible.

An opposing mechanic exists for the sole purpose of breaking disguises. It is all handled automatically when you Examine a disguised player. The check is rolled silently when opening the Description window, and can only be done once per hour. That means if you fail, you have to wait to reroll, but if you were successful, your roll persists until that hour passes. You are alerted every time someone rolls against your disguise, and you will be able to know which ones succeed, and which ones failed.
  • If you failed your check, you won't see any additional details other than their disguised description.
  • If you succeed, you will be able to determine the identity of the Disguised Player. It will show you their undisguised description and undisguised name.
Guard NPCs will roll against your disguise too. That means, if you're a criminal or an outlaw, they will know it, and attack you! Uh oh!

The Raw Numbers

For all you nerds and lawyers out there, here's the actual math of how the checks break down.

When I refer to the "Highest Stat", I am referring to:
Bluff OR Perform (THE HIGHER OF THE TWO) for Disguised players.
Spot OR Bluff (THE HIGHER OF THE TWO) for Opposing players.

Disguise Base Level:
Disguise Kit Level (varies based on disguise) * (Highest Stat / 5)

Disguise Skill:
We take Bluff or Perform, whichever is highest, at raw value.

Disguise Skill Investment Bonus:
Your secondary stat, is between either Perform and Bluff. If you took both, the lower of the two is added as a bonus.
(Bluff or Perform) / 5.
If you invested in both, and they are EQUAL, then it is simply:
(Perform + Bluff) / 5.

Final Disguise Skill:
Disguise Base Level + Disguise Skill + Disguise Skill Investment Bonus.

The opposing check is Spot OR Bluff (Whichever is highest) PLUS the result of a d20 VERSUS your Final Disguise Skill.

Opponents do not get bonuses to their skills based on investment. It simply takes the highest one. If they meet or exceed your Final Disguise Skill, they have beaten your disguise.