Rule #1: Play the Game Responsibly

When you are roleplaying, it is generally agreed upon that you're playing a character. So even in some cases, when your character is a rendition of your habits, personality, or personal opinions and choices, you should still make a habit of separating yourself from your character. Consider yourself the "driver" with your character as the "vehicle."

First & Foremost: Be an Adult

I'm an ADULT!

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  • Playing here, you are assumed to be 18 years of age or older. Last Light is an 18+ server, allowing you more freedom in what you do. Everything in moderation, of course.
  • If you feel that you are being "trolled" or "harrassed," you should follow our harrassment conduct and send any complaints to a DM. Know that there needs to be sufficient evidence, including screenshots or logs, to support this.
  • Trying to get out of RP because you don't like the person you're with is kind of frowned upon. If it's roleplay, it shouldn't matter what your Out of Character opinion is about them. Just play the game.
  • Avoid abusing OOC talk during RP and keep it IC as often as possible. If you must communicate something OOCly, try to use tells instead of the public chat channels. Important notices like AFKs and other such things are obviously excused. Try to avoid speaking OOC in talk channels (IE: Talk/Say, Whisper, Yell, etc.)

Regarding RPing with someone you don't like, it is also frowned upon if you should decide to ICly harass someone that you OOCly dislike.

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Secondly: Roleplay is Roleplay

  • Whatever happens in character, shouldn't be treated as Out of Character. We encourage you to separate the two as much as possible.
  • Again, it is generally frowned upon to deny roleplay to another person because of OOC concerns, especially if it doesn't ICly make sense. It is a responsible expectation that if your character is approached by another character, your character is expected to interact with them in return. You're more than welcome to avoid people and things, but please try to maintain a healthy amount of camaraderie (IE: Go with the flow).
    • (This isn't to say that you should change your character, but however your character would respond even if it is to blatantly ignore them, there should be an emote stating such. - Hedgewife 2018)
  • Abusing the !OOC function or logging out during RP with intention to evade the RP in some way is not allowed. If you absolutely must leave in the middle of RP, excuse yourself from the scene the good old fashioned way, with a polite and metaphorical "tip of the hat and a wave." Even better if you do it ICly, the courteous thing to do is offer a rain-check to continue the RP later if you'd like.
    • (Fade to Black or FTB is also acceptable in cases where the scene isn't quite finished but it's safe to 'assume' the rest. As with any FTB you should reach a consensus with those involved before pushing forward or skipping parts of a scene. Additionaly, it's understood and expected that some people have terrible internet connections of which our ISPs should be smote. If such becomes the case, a thread on the forums can be made for players to quickly yell, "I've DC'd and can't get back on at the moment!" Don't use this lovely piece of optional common sense as a double-reach-around to say fuck you to this rule. - Hedgewife 2018)
  • Keep the line between IC and OOC very clear. There are times when we might toe the line a little bit, but try to keep it separated. Remember, your character is the vehicle and you're just the driver.
    • (No really, you are not your character anymore than anyone else is. Remember, don't be an ass. Don't break the fourth wall. - Hedgewife 2018)

Thirdly: In Character Consequences

  • Generally speaking, if you put your hand in the fire, you're going to get burned. Thus, just remember that the same applies to roleplay. Actions that your character takes may result in consequences.
  • In place of something you would rather not roleplay, you do have an alternative; the fade to black option is a great tool for handwaving situation that have no logical means of exit, while also keeping your personal comfort zone in mind at the same time. You can then discuss the results with whoever you are roleplaying with.
  • Work with those around you to create a wholesome experience for all. Try to avoid belligerently destroying the other character just because 'your character would do it.' Player agency is key.

Fourthly: Do Not Ignore Your Character Sheet Either

  • Being that we are playing a video game with mechanics, it is expected that you also roleplay your character attributes, skills and abilities according to what they are. Obviously creativity is the key in the end, but if you do not have points in Bluff, how can you justify your character being able to successfully or reliably lie through their teeth? If you have 8 strength, how can you sensibly justify being "as strong as a bull?" (Unless you're a wizard with magical steroid spells. Those damn wizards.)
    • (Even then, wizard spells only last but so long... Heheheheheh... - Hedgewife 2018)
  • Feel free to incorporate PUBLIC (bystanders should be able to see it so there's no disputing it) rolls into your roleplay to display attempts and justify your character sheet. Again, there is wiggle room, like what makes fun for everyone and what helps to further a story.
  • Magical Enchantments (like from buffs or items) are considered exactly that -- magical enchantments. They are not your 'base stats.' If an item specifies that it is "mundane," it will be portrayed as such, likewise if it is magical, it will probably have "magic" in its description. Probably good to pay attention.
  • Roleplay your alignment. There are plenty of guides on how alignments work, and there is plenty of room to deviate now and then. We take alignments very seriously on Last Light since they are actually a baseline for your character's relationship with the world. If you wish to change your alignment for any reason, feel free to let the staff know. Also note that the DMs reserve the right to give AT WILL SHIFTS of alignment points (thus, generally speaking, not the entire steps like Good to Neutral all at once) if your actions do not fall in line with your alignment. This is done at the discretion of the DMs as they see RP in progress.
  • Titles and the like, or things that allot you status, better have been earned either through a special background or through roleplay. Otherwise, you might run the risk that your character might be outed as being "a fake" and strung up to a tree with needles in his/her private parts (we've seen it happen). Likewise, everything that is used to any kind of "advantage" in RP that cannot be depicted mechanically becomes invalid unless your cohorts agree to this.
  • Play your race/subrace. Any unapproved subrace will result in a character's revision or deletion. The subrace that you pick after entering the game when you make a new character is the subrace you should be roleplaying for that character. You are not to change your subrace by any means without DM approval. There are some exclusions to this, such as Lichdom, which can be attained through special means (and is more than likely to be supervised anyway), but this is a case-by-case basis.
  • There is a different rule below for using racial bodies for your appearance. Please read this in detail as well.

Lastly: Be Mature About Mature Roleplay

  • We don't want to completely disallow mature roleplay, and it's incorporated in our setting here and there, but seriously: Be responsible about its usage and frequency.
    • (And trust me, we know it'd happen anyway if we disallowed it. In either case, if a player finds themselves trapped in a bedroom with the same person for an entire real-life week, eventually they're going to get bored with it or have some complaints. Don't make ERP your only RP, experience a bit of everything. It makes things much more enjoyable in the long run. - Hedgewife 2018)
  • If mature roleplay comes to the extent of breaking immersion, or it becomes a nuisance/problem for your fellow players (IE: We find something you did deterred from the atmosphere) then we want to avoid that happening again.
  • If you're doing something that leaves you vulnerable (IE: Doing sexual stuff in a public location) you should uh... Consider that you run whatever risks the IC world allots you. (Such as being caught with your pants down and a mace between your knees - Hedgewife 2018) You know... Like guards arresting you for public indecency.
  • While transgender characters are allowed (Hell, at least one member of the staff is transgener herself. [That beautiful black rose that she is. - Hedgewife 2018]), we don't want to see something like sexualized futanari running around. Thus, transgener characters should try to adhere to the lore and time period we have laid out before them. Just keep it responsible and immersive.
  • Private deviations as something we cannot actively witness is difficult for us to enforce. Thus, whatever happens in private and away from the knowledge of others is basically your concern. Just be careful about letting it spill out into a public situation or you/your character may be held accountable.
  • Your character must be an adult. We don't need to be more specific than that. 18+ or bust.
    • (If I see child-characters or something toeing the line of such, I will put it in a box that I will put in an orphanage, that I will lock, condemn and then create a villain who will burn the orphan-- I mean... Don't do it. Just don't. Please. We beg you. Thoughts like these are why child characters are not allowed! - Hedgewife 2018)
  • Keep in mind that some forms of severely visceral roleplay would be considered traumatic to players, even the after-effects of the event. Namely, the topic of rape comes to mind, but some other highly questionable concerns may be included. Please be respectful to your fellow players in this.
    • (This includes ERP [Explicit/Erotic RP] that involves children. It's simply not allowed. DON'T DO IT! - Hedgewife 2018)

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"You are a fresh one, I see. Let me tell you something you clearly do not know. You have been seperated from the realm of the living, and now you, like many others, shall walk the lands of the dead for the rest of eternity. You, like everyone else, will just have to wait until the apocalypse comes. Then, and only then, am I taking fares to cross the river into the peace of afterlife beyond."

The Dark-Clad Figure
From 'A Passing of Life'
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