Rule #3: Respect Your Fellows, No Exceptions

We're all under the same roof. We encourage you to resolve conflict peacefully, or prevent it from happening all together with good conduct and behavior!

Be Nice!

  • Please don't murder shopkeepers or important NPCs that are not hostile -- except by DM supervision. If an NPC serves a purpose in the game world, killing it prevents other people from using them (IE: MERCHANTS). This can be a serious issue. Yeah, you're a big bad villain, but killing NPCs in this way just makes you an ass, not a villain.
  • Harrassing others and/or being rude and offensive OOCly is unwarranted and only makes the game less enjoyable. You have a right to your opinion, but speak it in a fashion which does not berate or put down other people.
    • (ICly if your character is an ass, that's cool. That's just dandy. Just try not to take it too far that it becomes an OOC issue. - Hedgewife 2018)
  • Racism, sexism and other forms of OOC discrimination is very bad. You can be racist against elves when roleplaying your character all you want (Hedgewife is definitely a great example of racism against elves), but don't bring the real life staples in game.
  • There's this thing called griefing, which consists of anything that would be considered poor conduct that you'd do over and over again to someone to cause them grief, such as repeatedly killing the same player, or just in general ruining the game and general flow of RP for someone else by making it impossible for them to enjoy playing it. Yeah, don't do that thing.
    • (Yeah! Don't be that guy! - Hedgewife 2018)

Ensure a Reasonable and Fair Outcome to Conflict

Yeah, yeah, we get it and we KNOW life ain't fair. But this falls under the category of: DON'T BE AN ASS!

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  • We've already said this, but it's still just as important: dislike states must be set before attacking another player. No exceptions. Ever. EVER!
  • If a character is captured, please try to interact with them for the duration of their imprisonment. Give them things to do other than sit there and rot (even if it makes sense ICly). Otherwise, we recommend that you make up an excuse to let them go and release them, or be creative and let them escape either way.
    • (All in all, a character should not sit in imprisonment limbo for more than one work-week [IE: 5 real life days]. As such, some form of reasonable/sensible outcome should be decided during that time. - Hedgewife 2018)
  • Retaliation should be done in a way that makes sense from an in-character stand point. The old, tried-and-true tradition of "respawn after dying, hunt down killer immediate after" needs to not happen. Grudge matches because you're angry OOCly about the IC outcome is childish and not okay, thanks.
    • (BUT! If involved parties want to have an IC grudge and RP it out in a sensible manner, GO FOR IT~! TO WAAAAR~! - Hedgewife 2018)

Listen to the DMs

  • The Dungeon Masters (DMs) and staff are here to help you and everyone else on the server equally and not to hinder your enjoyment. If we do something, it is done to ensure a specific quality of the game that is uninterrupted by things that break immersion or create a lapse in sensibility. Rather than cater to one person, we cater to every player on the server equally to avoid favoritism.
  • Abide by ruling given by a DM. If you feel that the ruling or punishment is unfair or breaches the spirit of the server, send your concerns in a private message to the administrators AFTERWARDS. Until then, go by what the DM tells you.
  • The final authority is given to the Administrators for any issue. Disputing further than this in an aggressive fashion will not be tolerated. If you feel the need to negotiate for such a thing, you may be addressed at their discretion.

You Are Not the Police

  • Do not try to enforce or recite any rule that does not exist in the rulebook. These are called shadow rules. The rules you see in this page and all duplicates of this page (on the wiki and forums), are universal and apply to all situations and circumstances. Case by case enforcement is typically the only exception.
  • You should try not to speak for any of the characters around you, including NPCs. If you wish for an NPC to be utilized in a scene, we encourage you to ask for a DM to do it instead. Too many times we've seen something like this become an issue (gasp, godgaming).
  • Rather than try to enforce rules yourself, you should instead report things that are amiss. Reminding your fellow player(s) that they are treading on a rulebreak does help as well, but be careful not to recite shadow rules.

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"You are a fresh one, I see. Let me tell you something you clearly do not know. You have been seperated from the realm of the living, and now you, like many others, shall walk the lands of the dead for the rest of eternity. You, like everyone else, will just have to wait until the apocalypse comes. Then, and only then, am I taking fares to cross the river into the peace of afterlife beyond."

The Dark-Clad Figure
From 'A Passing of Life'
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