The Spirit of the Rules

Roleplay-focused Rules are in place on Last Light to help facilitate a more immersive roleplay environment.

So, what are rules? Rules exist...

  • ... to preserve the spirit of the server.
  • ... to maintain immersion in our roleplay environments.
  • ... to give a structured guideline of player and staff conduct and expectations.
  • ... and, most importantly, to keep the overall fun of the players as high as possible.

But why do we have rules?
Unfortunately, we live in a growing world where, without a guideline or 'final word' we would have total anarchy. It divides the playerbase and creates unnecessary chaos that subtracts from the overall enjoyment of our setting.

And how are the rules enforced?
Our Golden Rule here is pretty simple; whatever makes fun for everyone and helps to further a story is fair game. If we see something that detracts from the experience of other players, we aren't going to be a hammer, without also being a chisel at the same time. Constructive, not destructive. In character conflict is not something we'll punish a person for as long as it contextually makes sense.

It's really this simple: Don't be an Ass. The following sections are pretty long and include a lot of guidelines and more detailed information about what each rule entails, but if you want the TL:DR version, skip to the Conclusion.

A copy of these rules can also be found here on the fourms.

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"You are a fresh one, I see. Let me tell you something you clearly do not know. You have been seperated from the realm of the living, and now you, like many others, shall walk the lands of the dead for the rest of eternity. You, like everyone else, will just have to wait until the apocalypse comes. Then, and only then, am I taking fares to cross the river into the peace of afterlife beyond."

The Dark-Clad Figure
From 'A Passing of Life'
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